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Roll Out Plan: CGDA

User Manual

Defence Payments (by CGDA Offices) will be processed online for Phase-1 for GeMSupply Orders from 18th December 2017 onwards.

Phase 1 Controllers include:

  • PCDA(CC) Lucknow (CDA Code: 22)
  • PCDA(WC) Chandigarh (CDA Code: 6)
  • CGDA (CDA Code: 29)
  • PCDA(SC) Pune (CDA Code: 4)
  • PCDA(R&D) New Delhi (CDA Code: 19)
  • CDA Secunderabad (CDA Code: 25)

All Defence Primary Users coming under the payment jurisdiction of aforementioned 6 Controller Officesare mandated to Update their Payment Method to CGDA and Select a Valid CDA Code by 18th December 2017.

Bills (paid by CGDA Offices only) related to GeM Supply Orders created by Defence Users, coming under the payment jurisdiction of aforementioned 6 Controller Offices, on and after 18th December 2017 are to be processed Online. OFFLINE (Printed) BILLS for Supply Orders created on and after 18th December are NOT to be sent to Controller Offices.

**As an exception to the CDA offices mentioned above, following Sub offices will continue in offline mode till further notice

  • AAO (SC) Dehu Raod
  • AAO (SC) Ahemedabad
  • AAO (SC) Jodhpur
  • DCDA (R & D) Metcalfe House New Delhi
  • JCDA(R & D) Pashan Pune
  • AO(R & D) Chandigarh
  • JCDA(R & D) Balasore
  • JCDA(R & D) Dehradun
  • AO(R & D) KANPUR
  • AO(R & D) AGRA
  • AO(R & D) Tezpur
  • AAO(Pay) Kanpur
  • AAO(Pay) Allahabad
  • AAO(Army) Vizag

** Defence Units NOT featuring under the jurisdiction of any CGDA offices listed under Phase 1 would continue to process GeM Bills in the Offline mode until further instructions.

** Bills paid by Defence Units are offline bills & they are to be processed on GeM platform in the existing manner.

Instructions For Defence Users: GeM


  1. ALL Primary Users (New and Existing) must update their Payment Method to CGDA and Select a Valid CDA Code through Login – My Profile.
  2. For Online Payments by CDA : Primary User does not have to create any PAO as secondary User.
  3. For Payments by Unit: Primary User has to create a PAO as secondary User and all payments are to be continued to be made in existing manner.
  1. For Online Payments by CDA: TheBuyer is not required to Generate/Process the Bills. The CRAC generated by the Consignee will be the final action at Defence Users end and the CRAC details along with invoice will move Online to CGDA Office for payment and confirmation of Payment Status.
  2. For Online Payments by CDA:TheBuyer is not required to Select Payment Authority while finalizing Supply Order.
  3. For Payments by Unit: The Buyer is required to confirm payment Status of GeM Bills in existing manner.
  4. Buyer processing Supply Order for Bills Paid by Unit is required to fill the relevant sub fields.

** Incorrect CDA Code, Unit Code and Code Head carries the liability of a bill getting rejected therefore please verify and ensure, with utmost prudence, that all information is correct.