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Transition Strategy GeM 2.0 to GeM 3.0

Message from the CEO, GeM

We are shortly transitioning from the current pilot version of GeM 2.0 to significantly enhanced GeM 3.0.  In keeping with our transparent and collaborative approach, we have been sharing detail drafts on the functional modules, defining the processes and listing enhancements.  Having shared overall transition strategy, available on our domain https://gem.gov.in/transistionStrategy would urge the GeM users to be alert to notifications that are posted on the site from time to time all aimed at ensuring least inconvenience and maximum ease of migration to every user on GeM.

You would be aware & happy to note that beginning November, GeM Team has been holding category-wise detailed consultations with both buyers and sellers including OEMs.  Minutes of such consultations are being again shared with you on our site, almost daily https://gem.gov.in/transistionStrategy. With the transition to a Catalogue Managed System that will populate the marketplace, and thus impact the overall transactions on GeM, it is essential that each of us share our inputs and insights while we are finalising the catalogue level category specifications.. 

I request the buyers across Government agencies to specifically contribute by informing GeM, wherever you are privy to procurement of an item by a Government agency, lower than the GeM price.  The buyer sourcing on price (in addition to the existing search engine based digital sourcing) for cross-verifying the reasonableness of prices offered, will enhance efficiency of the whole GeM eco-system.  Contribution by buyers in this regard will be appropriately acknowledged.  Another information support we would seek from you is related to formal black-listing of sellers and service providers in your organisation.  While we have factored in each and every such information received so far, request is to make this exercise more comprehensive and also put in place an ongoing collaborative mechanism with each of our users to strengthen and reinforce the GeM eco-system.

Once again I acknowledge that GeM journey so far could not have been possible without your support and perseverance (with our shortcomings).  I seek your continued support in reaching our next milestone seamlessly and successfully.   


As you are aware that the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an online marketplace for Central Govt./State Govt/PSUs buyers for procurement of common use Goods and Services listed by sellers registered on the portal.  The Catalog Point has been enabled with wide range of product offered in different categories by GeM Seller(s) with specific ease of managing catalog and providing an efficient and transparent market for all Govt. buyers. As you are aware that the development work of new version of the portal with enhanced features and functionality is in progress we keep posting new categories to get your feedback and suggestions for the better service of GeM in the ensuing years.Read More


Strategy Updates
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    Date | 06 January 2018
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    Date | 21 December 2017
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  • Transition Strategy GeM 2.0 to GeM 3.0

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