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pathological monocular polarising microscope model rpl-3 (radical)(rpl-3)

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Monocular with Inclined Tube with 45 inclination.Precise quadruple revolving nosepieces with precise centeringpositive click stops,ensures accurate position of the objectives.StageCompact ball-bearing centerable rotating stage, 140mm diameter, graduated with vernier,lockstage specimen clips.FocussingBy vertical movement of stage, coarse adjustment by rack-pinion knobsfine movement by screw-lever mechanism driven by graduated knobs.Koehlers illuminator with pre-centred 20W tungsten halogen source.Built-in focusable Bertrand lens with centre adjustable. Built-in analyzer removable from optical path.Analyzer can be rotated 90 with a vernier reading to 6.Compensator and /4 can be inserted in the tube as per requirement.Compensator -Gypsum Plate/4-Mica Plate.Semi-plan flat Ach.DIN Obj.4x,10x40x.EyepieceWF10xWF 10x with Cross.PolariserFully rotatable swing-out Polarizer and an abbe-condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris- diaphragm.

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  • Min. Qty. Per Consignee: 1
  • Indian Standard Specification - Pathological IS:4381 latest
  • C/ML No. - NA
  • Lamp Lumen - 0 lumen
  • Plano Concave mirror attachment - yes
Other Specifications Download Specification
Microscope Type Pathological Monocular
Indian Standard Specification Pathological IS:4381 latest
Type Of Lamp For Illumination LED
Lamp Lumen 0 lumen
Light On/Off Switch yes
Light Intensity Regulator yes
Plano Concave Mirror Attachment yes
Limb Type non Hinged
Stage Circular
Size Of Stage 140mm
Coarse And Fine Movement Of Stage yes
Eye Piece Type Huygenian
Eye Piece With Magnification Monocular 10x
Binocular Eye Pieces Confirming To The Requirements Of IS: 8275/1976 ( Latest) Yes
Co-axial Focussing No
Micrometer Arrangement yes
Objectives Type Achromatic
Numerical Apperture Of Objective Pathological 10xNA 0.25 40xNA 0.65 90xNA 1.25
Carrying Case yes
Warranty 1 year
Extra Eyepieces NA
Availability Of Test Reports From Central Govt/NABL/ILAC Accredited Lab Covering All The Parameters As Per Specifications NIL
Test Report No. NIL
Test Report Date NIL
Name Of Test Lab NIL
Address Of The Test Lab NIL

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