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Downtime of GeM 3.0

Posted on: 24-01-18

GeM 3.0 new.gem.gov.in will not be available from 10 PM to 6 AM for Seller Registration and Product Listing.

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GeM 3.0 Downtime

Posted on: 24-01-18

GeM 3.0 new.gem.gov.in will be down from 10 PM to 6 AM for Seller Registration and Product Listing.

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The official website of Government e-Marketplace (GeM SPV), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India is http://new.gem.gov.in. All the stakeholders of GeM are advised to use the official website of GeM through this URL only. Stakeholders are advised to be cautious of any fraudulent, deceptive an...Read More

This is to inform the buyers and sellers of GeM 2.0 that the creation of Bid and RA will continue till further notice. Also all the orders placed on GeM 2.0 wil complete its lifecycle without any hindrance....Read More

UAT session is available till 7:30 PM. We are going live for Seller Registration and Product Listing on Gem 3.0. There will be lag time of two hour after which seller can register and start listing their products on 3.0

Previous sessions of existing sellers will automatically be migrated to...Read More

Creation of email ID for on-boarding of the government buyers on GeM portal regarding the process to be identified for creation of email IDs for buyers for the purpose of on-boarding them on the GeM portal

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Functionality of Earnest Money Deposit(EMD) submission to participate in a Reverse Auction is live from 06/01/2018. Whenever the purchase base value is above 30 Lakhs, buyer may ask seller to submit EMD to get the eligibility of participating in RA. 

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Posted on: 06-01-18

As you are aware that the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an online marketplace for Central Govt./State Govt/PSUs buyers for procurement of common use Goods and Services listed by sellers registered on the portal.  The C...Read More

Catalogue Management System 3.0

Posted on: 28-12-17

We are taking one more significant step towards transition to GeM 3.0. Catalog Point has been deployed to further test the robustness of version 3.0 with specific focus on seller’s ease of managing catalog.

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In order to have smooth transitions to the new portal, it has been notified earlier that certain additions on the current portal (i.e. GeM 2.0) would be temporarily halted and would resume post GeM 3.0 launch on 26th January 2018. Based on the feedback received and to ensure a seamless transition...Read More

Due to unavoidable circumstances, we were forced to close GeM portal from 10:30 to 12:30 on 6th Dec, 2017. In order to enable buyers and sellers operate successfully on Bid/RA, we had to extend the Bid and RA ending between 9 AM to 4 PM by one day. We are also sending notification mails to the ...Read More

Dear all,

Government e Marketplace (GeM), has been envisaged by Government of India as the National Procurement Portal of India. GeM strives to keep pace with ever-evolving technological challenges and stake holder aspirations and in line with this endeavor, GeM is coming with a scaled up t...Read More

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   As you are aware that the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an online marketplace for Central Govt./State Govt/PSUs buyers for procurement of common use Goods and Services.  The marketplace is enabling wide range of product offers by GeM Seller(s) and also providing an efficient and transp...Read More

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as one of the cloud service has been enabled for MEITY empaneled and STQC audited agencies. Agencies meeting the requirement can submit their service offering.

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The e-Bidding invitation shall be extended to all the Sellers on GeM who get registered as Seller and/or offer Goods/services for the particular product category on GeM, 2 hours prior to closing time of e-Bidding. The decision of the Buyer/GeM regarding technical/commercial acceptability of the i...Read More

Downtime of GeM Portal

Posted on: 11-11-17

GeM portal was down from 2PM to 4 PM for maintenance and configuration activity. The portal is up and working.

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Enhancement of GeM Portal

Posted on: 10-11-17

On behalf of the GeM Team, I am happy to share with all our GeM users that we are preparing transition from the current pilot version to significantly enhanced and scaled up GeM 3.0, very shortly.  I would like to place on record our deep appreciation to you all, in adopting to use of GeM and be...Read More

Buyer Notification

Posted on: 08-11-17

For direct purchase a business validation has been incorporated in system that the same buyer from the same seller for the same product, can order a maximum of Rs 50,000 - this is per week restriction. It is recommended that for larger order Bid and RA process be used. Exception to this is automo...Read More

It is hereby notified that the GeM portal is a marketplace which offers only the listed products and service for procurement. Items which are not listed by the vendors on the marketplace, cannot be procured, either through Direct or L1 purchase or through Bid or RA process.

Any attempt by t...Read More

Due to a recent update/enhancement in GeM Portal, it is found that some bids have been impacted. The steps required to resolve the impact have been given here on the Portal. All the bids which ended on or after 25th October, 2017 can be extended by the buyers themselves giving sellers the option...Read More

Encryption – Decryption in bid

To make the Bidding process more confidential and secure, GeM has introduced Encryption-Decryption mechanism for bids.

Henceforth, the Seller’s quoted Price will be encrypted using the Public Key of the buyer and the buyer will use ...Read More

Clause 8 of Terms and Conditions and special Terms and Conditions for Automobiles has been. The amended Clauses of Terms and Conditions have been provided in the attached document. In case of any queries, please contact helpdesk.

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The product category of Cartridges for various types of printers manufactured by different OEMs has been on GeM for quite a long time.  GeM has now created a separate category for compatible Printer Ink cartridges for printers . The manufacturers of compatible cartridges and t...Read More

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[UPDATE] PFMS Server Maintenance

Posted on: 09-10-17

[UPDATE] PFMS Server Maintenance is still in progress.

We will update this post once maintenance has concluded.

Thank you for your patience.

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The PFMS server will be down for maintenance for 2 days starting from 6 p.m. on Friday, Oct 06, 2017.

During that time, PFMS payment method will not be available. The specific areas that will be affected are:

·         Registration of New PFMS users

·         P...Read More

Do’s and Don’t for the Buyers

Posted on: 14-09-17

Before finalising the procurement buyers are advised to check the details related to product prices, specifications, warranty, delivery locations, etc.  If 4-5 OEMs are not offering their products, buyer may consider procurement through bidding. Once the item has been received, it is the respo...Read More

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This week our support centre will completely help you to onboard your services.

Kindly visit our Help Desk centre :

GeM HelpDesk, Jeevan Tara Building, 5 Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110 001.

You can also contact our Helpdesk for further information and assistance.

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Training Venue: Conference Room, GeM SPV, 2nd Floor, Jeevan Tara Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001Training Time: 10:30 AM to 01.00 PM. Fee: Participants do not have to pay any fees for this training. Procedure for sending nomination: Sellers may send their nominations to Shri Gurdev Sing...Read More

GeM’s New Helpline Number

Posted on: 28-08-17

GeM Helpline Number has been changed w.e.f. August 28, 2017.

Please contact 0124-6103700 for any queries and complaints.

Alternatively, please raise Tickets at Support Desk .

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MOU for ePayment integration with Banks has been signed with Bank of Baroda, ICICI and SBI for payment gateway integration, EPBG, EMD and Escrow account functionality in GeM portal. Effort is being made for similar MOU with other banks....Read More

The need of the hour is to establish a channel for procurement of goods & services by State Government in right quantity, right quality at the right time and from right source. To achieve this objective as well as bring adequate transparency and accountability, states have signed MOU GeM. The which ...Read More

Sellers may note that any claim to being an MSME entity will be only validated through our integration with the MSME database of the Udyog Aadhaar. Kindly update your Udyog Aadhaar as MSME entity failing which all such vendors will be disabled from being considered as MSME units....Read More

Software Product Sanitization

Posted on: 11-08-17

All the sellers whose products are listed under Software Category may note that the software products published on GeM with offer price exceeding Rs.50, 000/- and the items not covered under the DGS&D and NICSI RC, a review has been done by the GeM-Administrator. Based on the review, it has been ...Read More

Two Bid Technique:

Posted on: 11-08-17

Buyers and Sellers may note that updated version of Bid has feature: While Technical Evaluation is under consideration, Sellers will be able to see the price only after completion of Technical Evaluation by the Buyer....Read More