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microtek ups tuff power pro 650 (microtek)(microtek ups tuff power pro 650)

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Micro Processor Bases DesignWide Input Range 140-300VAVR-Automatic Voltage RegulatorCold Start CababilityOver/Under Voltage ProtectionOverload ProtectionGenerator CompatibleNo Load ShutdownLonger Battery LifeStable Output Voltage.

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  • Technology - MOSFET-PWM with inbuilt isolation transformer
  • Input Power - single phase 160V - 260V sinewave,50Hz
  • Output power - single phase 230V ±1% sinewave,50Hz
  • Minimum VAH - 650 VAH
  • 20% Overload limit for minimum 10 minutes - Yes
Other Specifications Download Specification
Rating In KVA 0.65 KVA
Technology MOSFET-PWM with inbuilt isolation transformer
Input Power single phase 160V - 260V sinewave,50Hz
Output Power single phase 230V ±1% sinewave,50Hz
Backup Time 30 Minutes
Minimum VAH 650 VAH
Voltage Regulation From No Load To Full Load 1 %
Inbuilt Isolation Transformer Yes
20% Overload Limit For Minimum 10 Minutes Yes
50% Overload Limit For Minimum 1 Minutes Yes
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) 0.2 %
Overall Efficiency 90 %
Type Of Battery SMF-VRLA conforming to JISC:8702(Pt.I,II&III)
Minimum Thickness Of M.S.Sheet Enclosure Duly Painted 1.2 mm
Degree Of Protection IP21
Protection Of Over Voltage,Short Circuit & Over Load At UPS Output Terminal Yes
Protection For Under Voltage At Battery Terminal At 10.5V Per 12 V Battery. Yes
Maximum Overshoot And Under Shoot Of Output Rated Voltage 4
Indicators For Mains Presence,Battery Charging And Discharging,Output Over Load, Low Battery Voltage Yes
Digital Metering In UPS For AC Input Voltage,Output AC Voltage,Current,Frequency,Battery Voltage And Current Yes
Movable Trolly For Batteries With
Dry Heat Test : In Accordance With IS:9000 (part 3/sec.5)1977 (reaffirmed 2007) At 55 Degree C For 16 Hrs Yes
Damp Heat : In Accordance With IS:9000(part 5/sec.2)1981 At Temperature Of 40 Degree C,two Cycles Of (12+12) Hours Each 2007) Yes
Cold Test : In Accordance With IS:9000 (Part 2/Sec.4)1977 (Reaffirmed 2007) At -10 Degree C For 4 Hrs. Yes
Availability Of The Type Test Report From Central Govt. /NABL/ILAC Accredited Lab Covering All Technical Requirements. Yes
Type Test Certificate No. ETDC (MH) T&M 010
Type Test Certificate Date 10.05.2016
Name Of Lab STQC-ETDC (Govt. of India Lab)
Address Of Lab Mohali (Punjab)
Supply & Commissioning yes
Warranty 2 Years

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